The importance of proper positioning of the cervical spine was proven epidemiologically with the enhanced immunity from those served by Chiropractors and Osteopaths during the Swine flu of 1918. Due to that historical decimation of mankind, between 10 and 20% of the Earth’s population was wiped out. Historically, during that event, large numbers of those who had fallen ill had their lives saved by Chiropractors! Several years ago, it was finally proven by modern science that there is a correlation between the mechanoreceptors of the cervical spine and immunity. Right now, with immunity being a major worry of the healthcare arena and failing miserably along with the significant damage to the health of the body from forward head posture seen in today’s present society from the very young to the aged, a systematic solution is vital for the health of our patients. The means to that positive end can be found in the details of this section!


This section is the bread and butter to McDougle Chiropractic Methods. Conceptually, using the long lever manipulations / mobilizations / adjustments performed by the majority of manual therapists and doctors, makes little sense when we consider the fact that performance is decreased in static stretch activities! Science has shown consistently since the mid 90’s that a hyperstimulation of stretch receptors in ligaments, tendons, and muscles change the nervous system dynamic. This multijoint, high velocity, short lever burst method from Dr. McDougle has shown to enhance the athlete’s performance immediately after the treatment with either a significant re-establiment of proper function after an injury and/or immediate enhanced performance on the field of competition! The significance is the consistent repetition of positive responses to this technique that can be measured not only in athletic performance but in the clinical setting as well.

Special Techniques

The Special Tech section has yet to be finished, but be assured that it will consider areas that the colleges lack the time to focus on.


What Others Are Saying!

Let them speak for themselves...

This Seminar [McDougle Chiropractic Methods] enhanced my ability to incorporate a variety of techniques to better service the needs of my patients, especially when the need for “SubCore Training” is paramount. And, my treatments by Dr. McDougle had me walking straight for the first time in a year!

Dr. Brian CampbellChiropractor and Massage Therapist: UCLA Sports, USA Swimming, USOC Swimming, UCLA Gymnastics

I would have to say that Dr. McDougle has been a great asset to my family and health.Not only has he taught me so much, but keeping me on my toes literally...When he kept me from going into a wheelchair or out of the hospital...Even though I haven’t been a loyal patient, Dr. McDougle has been a very loyal DOCTOR these past 10 years!

Krista HartleClient

I cannot explain the work this man did to my arm in 15 minutes on a rainy day in Belfast. Having being referred to several physios and doctors here in Ireland, I was given two choices of either surgery or regular cortisone injections to try prevent my arm from becoming more restricted...The day I received treatment from Dr. Todd, my right arm was 15 to 20 degrees short of straight when fully locked out. Upon inspection I was reassured by Dr. Todd straight away that he could help me with his treatment. When he was done he simply said “Right buddy, straighten your arm.” He will tell you himself the look of shock on my face when my arm straightened to within two or three degrees was priceless, and after one treatment in not ideal circumstances! If you are lucky enough to be within reach of this gifted man, I encourage you to use his services...I cannot recommend this man highly enough!

Richard LooneyIreland’s Strongest Man Competitor

McDougle Chiropractic Method is a Chiropractic system based upon analysis and correction of the vertebral subluxations. I highly recommend to Chiropractors that they return to true Chiropractic and get people well with their hands again rather than rely on modalities and rehabilitation procedures. Consider McDougle Chiropractic Methods if the following apply to you:

  • Those struggling or in need of a truly effective method to treat your patients.
  • For those who rely or turn to modalities or rehabilitation procedures first rather than depend upon true Chiropractic principals.
  • If after an injury or hiatus, you find yourself lacking the know-how, ability, or confidence to apply what you know effectively.
  • You’re not 100% satisfied with your current Chiropractic treatment methods.

I am confident that if you have a Chiropractic Method that enables you to rid your patients of subluxations, you will provide life altering results for most patients!

Martin R. MasonDoctor of Chiropractic

Preface By Dr. David M. Durkin

In every profession there are visionaries that take it upon themselves to expand the reach of their chosen profession. Dr. McDougle is such a person.  Dr. McDougle and I were in chiropractic school together in the later 1990’s. Dr. McDougle’s infectious laugh and love of people set him apart from my other classmates.  Even then, he was on a mission to travel to the depths of chiropractic and uncover the truths of the “Vitalistic” and “Mechanical” models that Dr. B.J. Palmer spoke of so many years ago. His journey has continued and his life has been dedicated one-hundred percent to the profession we love. CHIROPRACTIC!
Dr. McDougle is not only one of my most respected colleagues, but a true friend that has shown myself and my family courtesies and love that many family members fail to show one another. However, I am not alone. As I have been introduced to a host of Dr. McDougle’s friends that have shared the same type of stories and endorsements with me over the years. I have spent days at a time in his office listening and learning, not only from Dr. McDougle, but from his patient’s.  Stories of healing and restoration of health were consistently present. Many chiropractors experience such events throughout their careers; however, in Dr. McDougle’s case, it is common place and expected!
Dr. McDougle has worked with and served all categories of patients during his career. These include adults, children and geriatrics. However, as an athlete, Dr. McDougle has spent an enormous amount of his spare time traveling and treating the “Strong Men of America.”  The feeling of pride when one of his athletes returns to competition and accomplishes a personal or national record is something that fuels Dr. McDougle’s fire.  He receives this same feeling when he returns an injured patient to work, allowing him to feed his family. He serves all his patients, not for personal gain but as a mission of service.  Something that is contagious when around Dr. McDougle.  In fact, when Dr. McDougle comes to visit my community, he never leaves without referring four or five patients to my office! He just cannot help serving in any capacity available to him and he knows the power of a chiropractic referral.
Having Dr. McDougle as a friend has allowed me to see his technique expand from conception to reality. Doc, as he is commonly referred to by his patient’s and friends, has worked tirelessly in an effort to produce a product to help chiropractors produce outstanding and consistent results from their care.  I have seen him grow as a doctor and as a person through this process. I have seen him deal with pressures, hardships and failures. In every case, the way Dr. Todd McDougle has handled himself has been an inspiration to me and my family.  He has an ability to inspire, teach and learn in every situation. He embraces change and growth. As a result, he is one of the most outstanding people and physicians I have ever had the pleasure to know.
Having the opportunity to be trained in a technique, seemingly without limits, and being inspired and taught by a visionary is something today’s chiropractors have not had the opportunity to have as often as in our professions past. You, as a reader, have the opportunity to partake in such an opportunity.  Keep your eyes open, learn, challenge yourself and travel through this learning experience being offered here for you.  I promise, you will emerge through to the other side of this learning experience as a better doctor of chiropractic.
Thank you, Doc! For sharing your knowledge, successes and how to handle challenges with class.  I am a better chiropractor as a result of knowing and learning from you!
I love you my friend,

David M. Durkin, D.C.
Palmer College of Chiropractic - 981

Logos are not an endorsement of Dr. McDougle’s Methods but rather to show organizations he has worked with.