McDougle Chiropractic Methods – The Launch of Online Chiropractic Learning

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Never in the History of Chiropractic has there been an opportunity for Chiropractors or Osteopaths to have advanced learning opportunities via an online subscription! Yes Doctor, there have been "Webinars" and "Go To Meeting" events and even unsecured "YouTube" videos that even a layperson can see then attempt, but never the ability to learn something that is Chiropractic based in your own time from the comfort of your own home or wherever you are! This site can be viewed from your laptop, phone, electronic pad, or your home PC.  Convenience is key in our busy World! Success is also paramount for the our own prosperity as we strive to make our patients healthier and enhance their quality of life!

In this site are examples and videos illustrating many patient problems seen daily in the offices of health professionals with solutions and actual radiographs to enhance the understanding in critical clinical thinking scenarios and techniques that clearly "put it all together". Students and new graduates over the years have been privy to experiences in the offices of Dr. McDougle as well as in his trips to California where he has shared this information with the top Chiropractors treating today's Olympic, Collegiate, and Professional athletes, as well as many Hollywood entertainers. They have embraced the work of Dr. McDougle with great success.

Presently there are both Cervico-Thoracic and Lumbo-Sacro-Pelvic instruction available with much of the cervical technique focused on upper cervical combinations. Dr. McDougle's work with the pelvic dynamics however has been that which has launched him into the limelight of contemporary World Strength Sports and it's here for the opportunity to learn. Both sections are considered 'Living" documents as the subscriber has every chance to engage with Dr. McDougle and ask questions applicable to "each" section to reduce any confusion for the doctor or student! With each encounter this site, his previously released text, and seminar (to be announced later this year) will advance the learning ability for the subscriber. In other words, this is just the beginning! So, are you in?

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